Blunt Talk: Season One

Season 1 34 Episodes
Master Bong kicks off the first of several episodes of WeedTV's Original Series: Blunt Talk that was filmed at the Weed House this past summer. Zairilla Bacon, Angel Ace and Curt Diesel are among the other hosts in the next sessions. See cast and guest tabs to learn more about their special guests.
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      If you were in Las Vegas and out on the strip or downtown, please beware of CBD shops portraying themselves as dispensaries. They do not have legal access to THC products. Their products are hemp.

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      Boce Comedy Rob at Friday Nights at Nuwu Comedy Club. Always free with talented comedians! Hosted by Gabe Lopez of Dirty @ 12:30. There's $6 drink and dab specials during the show! If you haven't been here-WHY NOT?

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      Eɱρҽɾσɾ'ʂ Cԋσιƈҽ Lαυɳƈԋ Pαɾƚყ This past Saturday marked a momentous occasion for the cannabis community as Emperor's Choice, a premium cannabis brand, officially launched at Jardin. This event was not just a celebration of a brand but a testament to the resilience and evolution of the cannabis industry as it transitions from the shadows of the traditional market to the legitimacy of the legal market. Jardin was abuzz with excitement and anticipation as cannabis enthusiasts, industry insiders, and curious onlookers gathered to witness the grand unveiling of Emperor's Choice. The atmosphere was rich in culture, with music and food trucks. It felt a bit like a Hispanic heritage/ marihana day surrounded by all other Hispanic owned businesses! It was a whole vibe! The transition from the traditional market to the legal one has been a complex and often arduous process. Regulatory hurdles, financial barriers, and the stigma associated with cannabis have posed significant challenges. Emperor's Choice faced these issues head-on, investing in compliance, education, and quality control to meet stringent legal requirements.  The launch at Jardin is a significant milestone not only for Emperor's Choice but for the broader cannabis community. It symbolizes the industry's growth and the increasing acceptance of cannabis as a legitimate and valuable product. By moving into the legal market, brands like Emperor's Choice are helping to break down the stigma and pave the way for more innovations and acceptance in the future. Congratulations to Emperor's Choice!

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      We recently had the privilege of touring the cultivation facility at @stackhouselv, where we were immediately impressed by the impeccable cleanliness of their operations. While cleanliness might be expected, we've encountered some facilities with questionable sanitary practices. This facility is managed by a small yet highly educated and dedicated team whose passion for cannabis is unmistakable. With their combined years of experience, we anticipate this team will excel in our market. While Stackhouse is a newer brand, you may notice slightly lower THC percentages initially. This is due to the time required to optimize their operations, including learning new equipment, refining methods, and cultivating new strains. However, they are continuously improving. We're particularly excited about their upcoming Tropicana Cherries strain, which exhibits a remarkable natural pink hue. Regarding a common inquiry you have asked, and we have asked. Does Stackhouse treat their cannabis for mold? No, Stackhouse does not utilize processes such as radiation, ozone, or other treatment processes. They prioritize the integrity of their products. As a trusted brand, we highly recommend exploring Stackhouse's strains. While we've sampled a few strains, our journey with their products has just begun. Some upcoming varieties we're eagerly anticipating include Tropicana Cherries, Strawberry Blonde (Super Lemon Haze X Strawberry), and their CBD/THC strain. Stackhouse serves as the flagship brand for Tree House Dispensary located at 4660 S Dectar Blvd, LV, NV 89103. We saw an exceptional deal on MJ Mints 1/2 oz. It's a strain we found to offer a pungent, gassy, flavorful experience with a pleasant, functional high. Visit them, then let's talk and toke about! Shoutout to @nick_canna_grow @phillipwrightson and the entire team at Stackhouse for their hospitality and for reminding us that there are still employees that are passionate about the plant and putting good quality products on the market.

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      Leave behind the world of VR, AR, and arcade games – at Play Playground, we elevate the thrill of real-world entertainment. Immerse yourself in an adult-exclusive playground where each game and beverage is larger-than-life, promising endless enjoyment. Featuring a variety of over 20 captivating games and attractions complemented by a vibrant bar embodying the playful essence of the establishment, Play Playground beckons you to rediscover the joy of playful camaraderie. No specialized skills needed – just bring your inner child and a willingness to embrace the exhilarating fun without boundaries! Have you "played at Play yet? Talk and toke with us and tell us your favorite game!

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      Saturday at the farm! We had a great tour of @greenlifeproducenv We learned, we shopped, we ate, and we also enjoyed some great music! If you purchase from Greenlife Produce, just like their cannabis from @greenlifeproductions , it is grown in no till living soil while using all organic practices! Greenlife cares about their consumer and choose to produce quality over quantity. HUGE shoutout to the team over at Greenlife! Thank you for the hard work and quality products you produce! Thanks,, for helping them veggies grow. If you're not in Pahrump, you can pick up theirs products at Farmer's Markets in Henderson and Las Vegas! Follow them to find out times and dates!

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      A landrace strain is a pure indica or pure sativa cannabis plant that is native to the area in which it was found. Originally cannabis was a wild plant that was cultivated thousands of years ago. These strains are typically well-suited to the local climate, soil, and other conditions, which can influence their characteristics such as flavor, potency, and growth patterns. Landrace strains are often sought after by breeders for their unique genetic traits and potential for hybridization with other strains to create new varieties. Examples of landrace strains include Afghani, Hindu Kush, Panama Red, and Durban Poison. You may have purchased cannabis labeled as indica or sativa in the past, but those likely weren't landrace strains. When you visit a licensed dispensary, you're likely to find indica, sativa, or hybrid strains. However, most of these are hybrids, with either indica or sativa dominance, meaning they inherit more genetic traits from one parent strain than the other. Landrace strains, on the other hand, are typically the only ones available that are purely indica or sativa, with no hybridization. Talk and Toke with us about Landrace strains. Is Nevada full of hybrids? Who grows landrace strains? Which landrace do you favor?

  • Scary Story Smoke Session: The Night Of The Clown

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      Join me, Timmy Trees in the first episode of Scary Story Smoke Session, where I combine my love for getting high and telling real life scary stories. Tune in as I share five terrifying true stories sourced from Reddit. 00:00 Introduction to Scary Story Smoke Session 01:00 First Story: Beach Encounter 04:55 Second Story: I Saw It… I Know I Did 09:50 Third Story: The Night Of The Clown 15:15 Fourth Story: Creepy Mist Wraps The House 17:35 Fifth Story: Was I Protected by This Black Labrador? Beach Encounter: I Saw It… I Know I Did Links: The Night Of The Clown Link: Creepy Mist Wraps The House Link: Was I Protected by This Black Labrador Link: