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Nick Name
Nump Trump, Nump You Film Me , The Gorillapino Pope, Tree Honda, Mr. I Got Grapes, Karate Body, 2 Strains
Current City
Santa Clara, California
Birth City/State
Santa Clara , California, USA
Rapper, Engineer, TV Host, Fitness Trainer, National Director @BeastMobile
NUMP is a Bay Area legend in the weed game that went viral worldwide for his hit single "I Got Grapes" FEAT E40 &The Federation during the 'Hyphy' movement. He has been on world tours promoting his love for herb and is also the sound engineer that received a Gold Record for engineering E40's 'My Report Card' that featured the hit "Tell Me When To Go".

NUMP is currently hosting his weekly show TZLR News on Thizzler.com with over 500 million views on their YouTube channel. He is the National Director for Beast Mobile, Marshawn Lynch's cell phone service.

You can find him on Instagram @nump_you_film_me_beastmobile