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Mr. Clones
1 year ago

After 30 years of mastering the craft of producing the best cannabis clones in Canada, we launched Mr. Clones to give home growers and professional cultivators convenient access to premier strain-verified cannabis clones.

Mr. Clones is Canada’s top cannabis clone provider with over 30 years of experience. They deliver top-quality, strain-verified clones straight to your door, making it easier for anyone to access high-quality cannabis for medical or recreational use.

We have top-quality cannabis mothers with high yields, great terpenes, and THC. We treat them with respect and use sustainable cutting cycles. Our clones have strong roots and are shipped safely to you. Growing from our clones can result in fast, explosive growth and high yields, no matter your setup.

Please visit our store: https://mrclones.com/

Email: info@mrclones.com​

Business Number: 6472062115

Mr. Clones is the premier source for healthy and productive cannabis clones delivered directly to you.

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