Women are the Emerging Force in the Cannabis Industry

Like most industries that focus on science and innovation while also requiring complex business models and standout products, the cannabis industry has, on the surface, been dominated by men. That ends now. They’re educated, determined, successful—and they’re on a mission to break the “grass” ceiling.

Dr Michele Ross, Medical Advisor for NanoSphere Health Sciences & CEO of Infused Health, Denver, CO


Dr. Ross is Medical Advisor on the Board of NanoSphere Health Sciences and CEO of Infused Health. She has a doctorate in Neuroscience and is author of Vitamin Weed: A 4-Step Plan To Prevent and Reverse Endocannabinoid DeficiencyIn 2013, she founded IMPACT Network, a 501c3 nonprofit institute dedicated to clinical research, education, and advocacy on cannabis for women's health. Dr. Ross has helped patients around the world and trained the next generation of cannabis healthcare professionals, as well as from being a cannabis patient. After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and chronic pelvic pain, cannabis was the only thing that reduced her symptoms and allowed her to return to work.


Naomi Granger, CPA, MBA, Founder and Owner of DOPE CFO, Las Vegas, NV


A former “Big 4” accounting professional, Naomi has over 12 years of experience in both public accounting and industry accounting. She has managed large global teams responsible for planning, performing and managing audits of financial statements and internal controls over financial reporting. Naomi recognized a knowledge gap in the cannabis industry and co-founded DOPE CFO to provide educational tools for accountants and financial professionals to enter into the cannabis industry for untapped professional potential.  Naomi coaches CPAs and cannabis industry members on how to succeed financially with laws and regulations that differ from state to state and are unlike and any other sector in America. As the landscape of the cannabis market continues to be defined, it can be difficult for cannabis companies to keep up with proper accounting protocols and lack of awareness of these laws translates into risk exposure for companies and their investors.


Kim Sanchez Rael, MBA, CEO of Azuca Cannabis Edibles, Albuquerque, NM


Kim Sanchez RaelKim Sanchez Rael is CEO of Azuca, a company producing fast-acting, chef-quality edibles for recreational and medicinal purposes. She entered the cannabis industry with over 20 years of entrepreneurial start-up, executive management, policy and venture investing experience, and an MBA from Stanford. Kim led the Flywheel investment in MIOX, Corp., a water disinfection company whose technology treats water using only salt, water and power to generate a dilute disinfectant on site. Previously, she was a co-founder and investor in Qynergy Corporation where she served as Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Prior to Qynergy, she spent seven years in executive management at Intel Corporation where she oversaw finance, manufacturing, engineering, and operations and planning. Kim previously served as a legislative aid in the U.S. Senate, where she focused on science and technology policy and foreign affairs.


Interested in a piece?  Diverse in backgrounds, expertise and niches, these three women are charting new territory in the cannabis field.

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