Marijuana Stock First Alert: One Cannabis Company Commanding Attention

The secret behing the Diamond CBD shorts at the Mayweather - McGreggor fight


If you were watching the Mayweather – McGreggor fight last month, then you most likely saw one of the undercard fighters shorts with “Diamond CBD” emblazoned on it in one of the most interesting and differentiated marketing tactics seen in the marijuana stock sector.

The reality is, that as one of the most televised sporting events in recent history, advertising real estate such as that isn’t cheap, but it’s important to note that for a sector that big on ideas and light on revenue, there is a company that has broken that mold. To date its flagship product, Diamond CBD has been one of the biggest revenue producing CBD companies out there in the entire Marijuana Stock sector.

The company, PotNetwork Holdings (POTN) could be one of the most undervalued opportunities in relation to market cap vs revenue. Considering that other public companies positioned in this vertical are doing much less in sales with higher market capitalization makes (POTN) (market cap $35.6m) a sleeper and become a value bet based on industry multipliers of revenue to Market Cap.

We pointed this out earlier in the summer when we talked about “One CBD Company That Could Be Outpacing Industry Leaders” and the pace hasn’t slowed down one bit.
So far this year, (POTN) has generated more than $5 million in revenue and the company has recorded very strong growth on a month-over-month basis. If we are speaking to growth, it’s hard to miss the fact that just in the month of July, the company generated $1.46m in revenue alone.

Since January of 2017, investors have taken notice of the potential and the data speaks for itself as the price was around .01 nine months ago. Another metric that is not lost is that the climb has been steady at a time when companies were losing 60-75% of their value beginning in March 2017 (POTN) has remained as an ascending staircase and created a liquid market for itself and shareholders.

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