Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Cooking On High’ On Netflix, The First Ever Cannabis Cooking Show

Fans of reality cooking shows, marijuana, and Netflix might want to grab their cleanest “Food Hood” and check out Cooking on High.

By Josh Sorokach  @joshsorokach Jun 22, 2018 at 1:00pm - Decider

Fans of reality cooking shows, marijuana, and Netflix might want to grab their cleanest “Food Hood” and check out Cooking on High. Premiering today on Netflix, the competitive cooking series is like Iron Chef, Chopped, or Hell’s Kitchen… except the primary ingredient is marijuana. Hosted by Josh Leyva, the show features two chefs making their most delectable edibles for two celebrity judges.

Basically it’s a cooking show with pot. You’re smart. You get it.


The Gist: I’ll say this for Cooking on High: The show certainly understands its audience. The first episode is only fourteen minutes long and doesn’t so much follow a structure as it just ambles on. Episode 1’s celebrity judges, a rapper named Mod Sun and comedian Ramon Rivas II, are served pot-infused meals from two contestants: a former Chopped contestant and a chef who specializes in cooking with marijuana.

Guess who wins?

The chefs compete against one another for the opportunity to take home the prize: a literal golden pot. If you’re not a fan of cannabis culture, Cooking on High can be… a lot. “My mom smoked when she was pregnant, so I’ve been high since before I was born,” Mod Sun says early in the episode.

The show has a target audience and if you’re not a member of that audience you won’t make it past the first few minutes.

Parting Shot: The actual cooking is broken up with weed stories and Pop-Up Video-esque factoids like “If you’re feeling too high, eat some lemon.” The series is light on drama, opting instead for a chill atmosphere devoid of stakes. Cooking on High is kinda like if you had a month to create a cooking show, forgot all about it, and then arrived at the studio and were like, “Oh yeah, that thing. Ehh, we’ll wing it. It’ll be fine.”

And it is. It’s fine.

Our Call: Skip it. If you’re the type of person who calls out of work on 4/20 and is submerged in weed culture, Cooking on High is for you. If you’re more casually affiliated with cannabis, it’s going to be a hard pass There are a slew of entertaining reality cooking shows to stream, so don’t let Cooking on High, a show that lacks both substance and structure, bogart your time.

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