Six Cannabis Sweets for Your Sweetie

Valentines Day looms large, so if you still haven’t planned anything now’s the time. Why not whip up a bud-blessed batch of one of these cannabis edible recipes?

Six Cannabis Sweets for Your Sweetie

Trying to pull together the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special person can be a bit nerve wracking experience if you’re still in the planning stages so close to the date. Should you get them something safe and predictable like a box of chocolates and glitzy jewelry, opt for something fun like a handful of pre-rolls full of their favorite strains paired a stash of their go-to munchies or just keep it low key with a sentimental card, a romantic message and a stuffed animal? Decisions, decisions.

Whatever you decide on, there’s always a tried-and-true way to get to any cannabis lover’s heart and that’s with delicious, homemade desserts infused with marijuana. We know you already have a bomb brownie recipe up your sleeve, but take a look at some of these sweets and get inspired to step outside of the box for this year’s love celebration.

Chew Chocolope Chocolate Protein Cookies

These cookies incorporate decarboxylated Chocolope kief instead of cannabutter or cannaoil, which really deepens the intense chocolate coffee and spice flavors of the earthy sativa strain. Chocolate is the universal language of Valentine’s Day, so this recipe is a healthy and surprisingly tasty alternative for someone who really loves and secretly expects a box of chocolate as a gift but it trying to improve their eating habits.

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