MARIJUANA STOCKS: Tetra Bio-Pharma Update

Although we are very favorable on the opportunity for licensed medical cannabis producers, we continue to believe that biotech firms will be the greatest beneficiaries of the legal cannabis movement.


One company focused on this opportunity is Tetra Bio-Pharma (TBP.CN: CSE) (TBPMF: OTCQB) and today, the company’s subsidiary submitted a report on the safety and pharmacokinetics of PPP001 to Health Canada.

Following this announcement, Tetra is also preparing for a Phase 3 clinical trial in collaboration with Québec’s leading medical cannabis clinic, Santé Cannabis. Tetra expects to launch the Phase 3 clinical trial by the fourth quarter of 2017 or first quarter of 2018.

PPP001 is the first smokeable cannabis drug product being developed for the treatment of late-stage cancer patients with pain. The Phase 3 clinical trial will be performed by Santé Cannabis’ medical team.

A Multi-Billion-Dollar Market Opportunity

This is a major milestone for Tetra Bio-Pharma and we expect the market to respond favorably to this news, especially after yesterday’s volatile trading day.

Cancer pain is a massive market and provides Tetra with a great opportunity to penetrate a multi-billion-dollar market opportunity. According to Global Pain Management, approximately 50% of cancer patients suffer from pain and more than 600,000 of these patients suffer from moderate-to-severe pain. In the United States, there are more than 4 million cancer patients and this pain market is valued at more than $5 billion.

After a detailed review of the clinical data, Tetra announced that the safety data met its expectations and that the pharmacokinetic data demonstrated that the inhalation of PPP001 achieved the targeted plasma levels of THC that could potentially achieve pain relief in cancer patients. The results of the Phase I trial provided the information required by Santé Cannabis’ medical experts to design a Phase 3 clinical trial for cancer patients.

Tetra will be completing the research required to ensure that PPP001 conforms to the chemistry and manufacturing requirements under the Food and Drug regulations to secure its Notice of Compliance and a Drug Identification Number.

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