Marijuana Stocks Burning Shareholder Value?

While most marijuana stocks have seen significant price gains over the last year, nearly all marijuana stocks are digging themselves into holes by destroying shareholder value, despite providing their investors with solid gains.

By Becky W |

Marijuana is illegal in all but one country, Uruguay, making the operations of a publicly traded marijuana company difficult. Most marijuana companies encounter numerous challenges. A company in the United States is unable to deduct corporate income tax if selling an illegal substance, causing them to pay significantly higher rates.

Marijuana companies have limited to no access to banking services excluding them from lines of credit, checking accounts, and loans as many companies rely on such basic things. Any U.S. financial institution answers to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, a federal entity. This means that if a bank provides their services to a marijuana company then that financial institution can face federal prosecution or fines.

This leads to marijuana companies having a difficult time finding consistent funding operate. The primary way these companies raise capital is through various types of common stock offerings. These offerings are welcomed by the publicly traded marijuana businesses especially when their stock valuations are sky high.

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