A Worthy Organization

The mission of CARP Growers is to foster a positive relationship with the community of Carpinteria by promoting best practices among cannabis growers.

Local growers started shifting into cannabis a few years ago to feed the growing demand of the medical marijuana market. Californians approved the Adult Use of Marijuana Act in 2016, after which state and local jurisdictions began developing regulations and a tax structure for the product. Members of CARP Growers have been involved in shaping county regulations in an effort to ensure best practices in Carpinteria Valley.

Members of CARP Growers operate over 30 acres of greenhouses in Carpinteria Valley. Our farmers all have invested in the best odor control systems on the market. They recycle water, use beneficial insects instead of chemical pesticides, and have black-out screens to prevent light pollution. Our farmers intend to be part of the solution by positively contributing to the community and following the cultivation laws drafted to reduce impacts on neighbors and the environment.