A Bill To Legalize Recreational Cannabis Has Been Introduced In New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy's push to legalize recreational cannabis legalization in the Garden State is beginning to take shape. A new bill that would bring legal weed to to NJ as well as expand on the state's medical marijuana legislation has been introduced by two democrats.

By Calvin Hughes |  Jun 10, 2018  |  Politics

The legislation would also loosen the state's medical marijuana regulations. Under the new bill, any healthcare provider who is permitted to write prescriptions for controlled substances could also recommend medical marijuana to patients. Expanding the number of doctors who can make that recommendation could dramatically increase the number of patients who can access medicinal cannabis. 

Governor Phil Murphy has been pushing for cannabis legalization as part of his campaign platform. He is currently optimistic that the new bills will be passed and has included $60M of cannabis taxes in his budget for the 2019 fiscal year.

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