DopeBoo: Boo Glass 11" Inline Perc Bong

A contemporary classic. Boo Glass presents an excellently sized Inline Perc Bong. This powerful piece is ready to reach sidekick status. Standing 11 inches tall, the streamline design is stabilized by a wide round base. Thick glass creates a solid in-hand heft, as you give a rip through the thick flared mouthpiece. As the good stuff journeys from the 14mm, 90 degree female joint, it’s cleansed through the power of hydrodynamics. This water pipe is fitted with an elegant inline percolator that diffuses every inhale for smoothness. Boo Glass’s 11” Inline Perc Bong also features a useful ice catcher. This enhancement polishes each puff off with a cool, refreshing feel. The 11 inch stature suits solo sessions as well as date night duos and passing through the crew. Spark up a convo over the impressive percolation of this Boo Glass Inline!