Strain Review : Blue Dream CBD : Flower : Curio Wellness

Name: Blue Dream CBD

Type: Flower

Where: Positive Energy

Who: Curio Wellness

Song it reminds me of: Faithless - God is a DJ

Appearance: Nice rich green, dense bud not dry and not moist either. Held together by beautiful orange hairs and an abundance of trichomes

Taste: Very very plant, but each pull on the vaporizer yielded a different flavor spanning pine flavor to an almost baked good or cupcake candle smell.

Onset: The first noticeable thing is the lack of pain followed closely by a tingling around the head. Not a heavy mask feeling but there none the less. Then a feeling of energized interest in consuming stimuli, for me it was music.

Apparatus : Arizer Argo @ 388F

Effects: Energy, Stress Relief, Pain Relief.

Anxiety Level : Zero

Symptoms Treated: PTSD, Stress, Pain, Anxiety

Rating: *****

Comments: I have to say I was apprehensive about trying this strain based on my experience with sativas, boy am I glad I did. This is an amazing feel juxtaposed to any you would have on an indica. The immediate pain relief was noticeable, followed by a spark in creativity and mindfulness. I can see why they call it Blue Dream, the daydreams are amazing. Not lost in thought more of an exploration in thought. I could have hours of fun creating with this new pal o mine. No sedation with a great level of attention to all the details, without being overwhelmed.