DuBe Hemp Energy at Champs Las Vegas with Jessica

Watch Jessica from WeedTV.com's Alternative Cannabis Perspective With DuBe Hemp Energy at Champs Las Vegas 2015.

The DuBe® hemp beverage is set apart by its formula- hemp and energy enhancing ingredients ( the most beneficial drink to consume before tasks like work, studying before an exam, or simply running errands) and “Hemp Pro 70 (Non-Gmo)” (a vegan protein powder that is extremely soluble). This hemp powder is organically certified in both the United States and Canada. DuBe® contains 22 proteins and key vitamins; 9 essential proteins that the body stops producing after reaching adulthood. DuBe® is safe for everyone but DuBe® recommends consulting with your doctor if you have medical concerns or existing chronic conditions. Athletes, non-athletes of all ages, even seniors have taken DuBe®. DuBe® hemp energy shot although an energy shot is a healthy drink due to the natural ingredients and especially hemp.