Strain Review : Bubba Diagonal : Flower : Grassroots

Name: Bubba Diagonal

Type: Flower

Where: Positive Energy

Who: Grassroots

Song it reminds me of: Crystal Method - PHD

Appearance: Rich greens leaves with dusty orange hairs. Dense bud with a decent amount of gooey.

Taste: Very vegetal with hints of pine and some slight citrus ( or that could be leftover from the clementine)

Onset: Slow onset and this one is stackable, the more you smoke the more you’ll feel. Much easier to control dosage. Starts at the head and covers your face with the mask. Extremities slightly tingly.

Apparatus : Arizer Argo @ 410F

Effects: Anxiety Relief, Pain Relief, Body Relaxation, Stress Relief

Anxiety Level : Zero

Symptoms Treated: PTSD, Stress, Pain, Anxiety

Rating: ****

Comments: This is a very enjoyable flower, and I believe it has its place in the medicine cabinet. It is not going to knock you on your ass with a single hit. Of course if you smoke enough I am sure you could see how far the rabbit hole goes, but as a standard dosage this flower is a mild delight. Great medicated feeling without any severe sedation. Totally operational day or night time strain for someone who has things to do, or just wants to cleanse the body after a long day.