A Cannabis Conversation on DC420LA: Week in Weed w/ @PatHarrisCA Progressive US Senate Candidate

On Sunday, March 4, 2018 we welcome a very special guest for the DC 420: Week in Weed on the topic of the Politics of Pot in 2018 and 2020 elections.

March 4, 2018 : #DC420LA SPECIAL: A Cannabis Conversation @PatHarrisCA Progressive Challenging Dianne Feinstein

Criminal defense and civil rights attorney Pat Harris, is one of the Progressive candidates for US Senate in California challenging Diane Feinstein in the Democrat's primary this June. http://patharrisforsenate.com/

Pat is a self proclaimed "champion of cannabis" in the race , and is confirmed to come on and talk about the topic of cannabis and the benefits of its legalization economically, in helping to alleviate the opioid crisis and for criminal justice reform.

I first learned of Pat and his candidacy on #GetYourNewsOnWithRon with @RonPlacone.

The California Cannabis Candidate on

I reached out after this interview to offer Pat the opportunity to have that two hour conversation on cannabis and he is excited to come on the show.

Please share this link with all your pro cannabis voting friends in California, and anyone else who needs to know how cannabis can move our country forward and out of the reefer madness of most our current politicians in Washington. The broadcast will also go over Facebook, Periscope and Steemit on Dlive (links below)

Feinstein has always been vehemently opposed to cannabis legalization and marijuana law reform on the national level and here in the state of California where her constituents overwhelmingly support full legalization.

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