Strain Review : Bubba Diagonal : Budder : Grassroots

Name: Bubba Diagonal

Type: Concentrate (Budder)

Where: Hi Tide

Who: Grassroots

Song it reminds me of: Velvet Negroni - Crybaby

Appearance: Thick sticky semi soft sand of Pure. Fucking. Bliss.

Taste: Piney, with a touch of citrus.

Onset: comes on nice and slow, decent pain relief at onset and a light mask feeling.

Apparatus : Linx Hypnos @ Yellow

Effects: Anxiety Relief, Pain Relief, Body Relaxation, Stress Relief, Bliss

Anxiety Level : Zero

Symptoms Treated: PTSD, Stress, Pain, Anxiety

Rating: *****

Comments: I love the way this strain medicates, comes on super slow like a guide to the trip you are about to go on. Then it’s an enjoyable walk through all parts of your mind. After you let it have you, you are treated to a wonderful painfree, and enjoyable experience full of wonder. This is truly wonderful medicine.