Strain Review : Painkiller : Cartridge : gLeaf

UPDATE: This cartridge went to crystal after 2 days of use, you can use a blowdryer or hot water to melt it back down to liquid but it will recrystallize again.

Name: Painkiller

Type: Concentrate (Cartridge)

Where: Hi Tifde

Who: gLeaf

Song it reminds me of: Nina Simone - Feeling Good

Appearance: Distillate is almost clear in the cartridge

Taste: Just like a watermelon jolly rancher.

Onset: Immediate anxiety relief, minimal distortion from the little bit of thc.

Apparatus : CCell Palm 1-2 Pulls

Effects: Anxiety Relief, Pain Relief, Body Relaxation, Stress Relief

Anxiety Level : Zero

Symptoms Treated: PTSD, Stress, Pain, Anxiety

Rating: ***

Comments: Very lovely experience, from beginning to end. Complete static removal, slight mask and immediate anxiety relief. Another wonderful tool in the chest of self medication.