Strain Review : Blueberry : Badder : Liberty

Name: Blueberry

Type: Concentrate (Badder)

Where: Positive Energy

Who: Liberty

Song it reminds me of: Spacetime Continuum - Pressure

Appearance: Light crumble like crackers at the bottom of the bag or a broken brittle.

Taste: Very fruity vegetal pallet, very clean taste.

Onset: Slow and steady waves of bullshit relief, very much an Indica process. Warm loving hugs of sensational relaxation.

Apparatus : Linx Hypnos on a Blue & Green four to six pulls.

Effects: Sedation, muscle relaxer, static remover, euphoric, calm, at peace

Anxiety Level : Zero

Symptoms Treated: PTSD, Stress, Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia

Rating: *****

Comments: What a beautiful thing this is.... As my first concentrate aside from a 1:1 cartridge. This was a lovely instruction to this form of cannabis intake. Super clean, from solid to gas it is one tastes strain. Definitely a comforting experience that i will keep in the stash box for the long haul if I can. Beautiful Indica Sensations.