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$XXII to Utilize Revolutionary New Filter Technology


$XXII to Utilize Revolutionary New Filter Technology

By MarijuanaStocks.com
22nd Century Group to Utilize Revolutionary New Filter Technology from Strategic Supplier, Celanese Corporation

(NYSE MKT:XXII), a plant biotechnology company whose primary mission is to pioneer new technology to reduce the harm caused by smoking, announced today that it has entered into a supply arrangement with Celanese Corporation. Through this arrangement, 22nd Century will combine many of its proprietary tobaccos with Celanese’s revolutionary CelFX® carbon filter in new cigarette designs for select markets around the world.
The Celanese CelFX® filter is a highly efficient cigarette filter that delivers an extraordinary taste experience while significantly reducing certain gaseous toxic compounds in smoke, including Benzene, Acetaldehyde, Acrylonitrile, Formaldehyde, 1,3-Butadiene and Hydrogen Cyanide. Employing proprietary, patented technology, the new Celanese CelFX® filter incorporates four times more activated charcoal than conventional products. The specially-designed matrix technology in the new Celanese CelFX® filter provides highly effective filtration that absorbs these toxic compounds, while also providing full air flow for a smoking experience that smokers describe as “exceptionally smooth and rich.”

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