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Will the DOJ Move Forward With Investigating the War on Medical Marijuana


Will the DOJ Move Forward With Investigating the War on Medical Marijuana

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Although the federal government suggest that it had “ended the war against medical marijuana,” back in 2104 with passing of an omnibus spending bill, the true understanding of this three-legged amendment has been hanging on for dear life in a cesspool of skewed outlook and dreadful translation, ever since it was signed into law by President Obama.

After period of many raids on marijuana shops all across the country, the U.S. Department of Justice came forward with a statement in the Los Angeles Times suggesting that as far as they were concerned, the federal rider only restricts them from “impeding the ability of states to carry out their medical marijuana laws,” yet in no shape or form does it protect marijuana shops and patients from the every so often shakedown.

Yet, after Congressmen Farr and Rohrabacher delivered a letter to then U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asking for him “bring your Department back into compliance with federal law by ceasing marijuana prosecutions and forfeiture actions against those acting in accordance with state medical marijuana laws,” their request was left in a state of impotency.

However, the two federal lawmakers have not stopped banging on the front door of the White House in search for results, most recently petitioning the Justice Department for an internal investigation into the reason why federal prosecutors still impose their power against the medical cannabis community.

“We request that you immediately investigate the Department’s expenditure of funds to continue prosecuting these cases, which we believe are in direct violation of the prohibition on such expenditures established by Rohrabacher-Farr,” reads a letter sent to Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Rohrabacher and Farr’s call for an examination into the DOJ’s misguided work ethics comes one month prior to the annual spending bill is set to expire. The two debate that the April report in the LA Times, in which Patrick Rodenbush, a spokesperson for the Department of Justice, practically stated that only officials in medical cannabis states were defended from being chastised by the hand of the federal government, is a tiring interpretation that has lead to madness.

“Mr. Rodenbush’s interpretation is clearly a stretch,” the letter reads. “The implementation of state law is carried out by individuals and businesses as the state authorizes them to do. For DOJ to argue otherwise is a tortuous twisting of the text … and common sense.”

The congressmen continue by debating that, “any official of the Department who interprets” the scope of this amendment any other way “is doing so knowingly and willfully, without regard for the facts.”

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