WeedTV Marketing Program

WeedTV Marketing Program – Our services are built for advertisers, content providers, sponsors, and merchandisers alike, to deliver engagement, experience, and enjoyment. We understand the need for best-of-breed applications & features, value & visibility, fan-like audience, new customers and loyal consumers is ever-increasing. And, it’s our aim, through creating original content, an engaged audience & raving members, that WeedTV is the ultimate lifestyle channel destination for the marijuana industry.

As our growth continues, WeedTV will feature daily stories sourced by WeedTV correspondents and contributors from around the world. We will provide a variety of editorial content, videos and entertainment including lead stories, political news, business news on the industry, financial analysis from industry experts, growing tips, cooking tips, a “Weed101” section, medical uses, lifestyle features, entertainment specials and a merchandise shopping cart offering the latest products and services.

About our Platform

WeedTV will be powered by the company’s proprietary NexGenTV technology and enterprise platform (scheduled for late-Summer 2014). Players Network developed its cloud-based service offering to create, distribute, market and monetize branded Digital Lifestyle Networks that aggregate large, targeted audiences, congregate them into social communities our marketing partners want to reach, and initiate transactions that generate revenue. By leveraging rich-media digital content, coupled with creating original content, the platform builds long-term brand equity and connectivity between our marketing partners and their audience, members, subscribers and consumers.

WeedTV Marketing Program Media Kit available online at:

WeedTV.com Media Kit

WeedTV Magazine Media Kit available online at:

WeedTV Magazine Media Kit

Contact us for a customize solution. Phone us at (702) 734-3457 or email: Mark Bradley [email protected]

Services Available

Advertise – Video
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Advertise – Banner
Online banner ads are available as monthly packages or by the cost per thousand impressions: CPM (cost per mille).

We offer four primary ad sizes, plus a text ad:

Square = 125×125 pixels
Rectangle = 468×60 pixels
Skyscraper = 120×600 pixels
Billboard = 240×400 pixels

Content providers, as well as, social media enthusiasts, are encouraged to contact us. We are actively seeking professional relationships that are value-add to the marijuana industry.

Backed by decades of live-event, network television, and film production experience, the vision of WeedTV centers on creating original program content to attract an online audience. Then, to use our platform to convert these viewers to members and customers who purchase products and services, online merchandise, and premium specials. Well-known brands and advertisers can take advantage of this by becoming a sponsor, or featured title-sponsor of WeedTV original programs. Contact us today to learn more about this unique offering.

WeedTV offers a user-friendly online shopping cart for businesses with merchandise and services to offer consumers and customers the ability to purchase directly from the web-store.

Contact us for a customize solution. Phone us at (702) 734-3457 ext. 204 or email:
WeedTV Marketing Program