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WeedTV Exclusive Smart Dabb Cannabis Cup 2014


WeedTV Exclusive Smart Dabb Cannabis Cup 2014


Check out Josh from Smart-Dabb explaining smart dabbing with WeedTV.

We proudly introduce the world’s first and only electric dabbing nail. The Smart-Dabb. Throw away the torch, and get ready to taste the flavor of your favorite herbal wax. Dabb indoors without concern over carbon monoxide poisoning from torches or burning your friends. Plug-in the Smart-Dabb and you’re ready to Dabb in less than 2 minutes. The first and only electric titanium nail. Smart-Dabb is designed with your health in mind. The Smart-Dabb uses common household electricity to heat our custom titanium nail. No more torches or carbon monoxide gas to inhale from using bottled gas like butane. No more running out of fuel or burning yourself. Press and hold the power button and our titanium nail is at 700ºF in under one minute! A great temperature to Dabb! We asked thousands of Kush Expo attendees including award winning wax producers to try the Smart-Dabb. The responsewe received was amazing! Everyone that tried our product loved it. The most prevalent comments we received were ” you can taste the wax” and “it’s smooth”.
The Smart-Dabb is made from the finest materials available. Our nail is 100% Titanium. The air passages are made using 304 food grade Stainless Steel. The body of the Smart-Dabb is made from Carbon Fiber and aircraft grade Aluminum. The glass joints we use are all Ground German Joints. The heater we designed is made from food grade Stainless Steel and Titanium. Smart-Dabb comes complete with the power cord, heating unit, 18mm and 14mm female adapter, 18mm and 14mm male adapter, titanium nail and straight sided dome. With 4 different adapters you are sure to find one that is a match to your water pipe.


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