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WeedTV.com Exclusive Interview With Michael Berk Executive Producer and Creator of Baywatch


WeedTV.com Exclusive Interview With Michael Berk Executive Producer and Creator of Baywatch 

Watch Carole Joyce WeedTV Executive Producer and Celebrity Fashion Designer Kaptain interview Michael Berk Executive Producer and Creator of Baywatch at the Budbo 420 party in Beverly Hills at Flats.

The Kaptain of Hollywood is one of the busiest men in Los Angeles.  During a one hour talk with him, all kinds of people were trying to get in touch with him, calling his phone, bursting into his office, etc.  You’d be busy too if your list of clients included Criss Angel, Usher, and Keith Richards, just to name a few.  “Trust me, you have to meet this guy!” Carole tells me (Carole Joyce is WeedTV’s Executive Producer).  There are actors and actresses, musicians and entertainers, and MMA fighters with one thing in common: they’ve been Kaptainized, and they look damn good in their custom jackets made with patented leather technology.

The Kaptain’s talent and flair are years in the making, and it shows in the pristine quality of each of these uniquely minted leather jackets (some of which sell for $12,000 a piece!).  “I started out as a kid, knowing I would be doing this one day,” says the Kaptain—his name is Kirk, his friends have a sense of humor, and it stuck.  “I would steal my sister’s Barbie dolls and seriously design new, cooler clothes for them.  This got my parents a little concerned.”

Let’s just be honest about the 20th century: everyone’s parents were afraid their kid would turn out to be gay.  “So they took away the Barbies and gave me GI Joes, hoping I’d play with those.  I did.  I made them custom jackets and they looked kickass.”  That was when Kaptain Kirk knew he had to become a fashion designer.

Today, he’s one of the most sought after fashion designers in Hollywood.  Kaptain’s Bubble Leather Company uses patented bubble leather technology to make breathtaking works of art.  These jackets are art pieces custom made for particular celebrities and clients, with their work, their personalities, and special occasions in their life in mind.

One Kaptain jacket made for Criss Angel has a stunning black widow dominating the back.  Another jacket made for UFC fighter Sako Chivitchian features a breathtaking red leather front, black leather pockets and shoulder pads, and red iron crosses on the sleeves.  The white jacket made for legendary singer Engelbert Humperdinck pays classy homage to Elvis Presley’s famous bedazzled white suits.  He won the Crystal Best Booth Award when debuting his custom design for Orange County Choppers.   When comedian and Kaptain client Andy Dick was on Late Night in 2013, David Letterman said “Hey, I love that jacket!”

“You have to love what you do,” says the Kaptain as he drives through Downtown L.A.  “I love designing cutting edge outfits and I love music.”  Like so many other teens from the early 80s, the Kaptain fell in love with rock and roll when today’s “classic rock” was just rock and roll, and it was at its best.  He graduated high school in his home town, San Francisco, the hippie haven and a Mecca for the counterculture on the West Coast.  “I had an old van, a drum set in the back, and a dream.”

Kaptain Kirk wanted to be a rock star.  “I came to L.A. and my van got towed with my drum set in the back.  It wasn’t the best start.”  He still seemed to show up in L.A. at the right time.  “I became really good friends with Axl Rose and Dizzy Reed.  I used to jam with them all the time back when they were just getting started.”  The Kaptain was even at the top of the running to be the drummer for Guns N Roses (just ask Axl!), but they went with Slash at the last minute.  “It’s all good,” the Kaptain tells me.  “GNR needed their time with Slash to grow as musicians.  I needed that time not being in the band to pursue my passion for clothing and costume design.”  Years later, the Kaptain gets both—he makes $12,000 bubble leather jackets and rocks out with his heavy metal band, Queenz $ Kings.

Most recently, the Kaptain made a special appearance at Budbo’s 4/20 Party in Beverley Hills.  Also there were WeedTV Executive Producer Carole Joyce and legendary Baywatch Creator/Executive Producer Michael Berk.  While the Budbo party did feature celebrities like Nikki Benz and Hollywood Undead, the real highlight of the need was the Kaptainization of Michael Berk.  In commemoration of the many years of Baywatch’s success, and in honor of the new Baywatch movie, Michael Berk was Kaptainized with a sharp, steely black jacket with silver cuffs and lapels.

Bubble leather is unique, it looks great, and the Kaptain’s work can’t be replicated.  He pours his heart into these creations, including the one he made for Berk.  Apart from launching the careers of multiple celebrities, Michael Berk is also a co-owner of WeedTV.  For this heroic Kaptainization and over 20 years of amazing work, we at WeedTV salute the Kaptain of Hollywood.



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