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Weed Butter: The Perfect High


Tired of the same cannabis recipes? If so, you may want to know about marijuana butter. This great ingredient can be used to prepare a whole slew of foods. Even those who are not into smoking can still enjoy the tasty treats outlined here. In this article, we will talk about how to make cannabis butter. Then, we will talk about the many different ways you can use it. This might be the most versatile marijuana-infused substance on the earth. You might just agree after reading this article.

Making It

Making marijuana butter is really simple. Gather water, a saucepan, Tupperware, a rubber band large enough to go around the Tupperware, cheesecloth, butter, and marijuana. For every ounce of weed, you will need a pound of butter. Bring 2-3 cups water to a gentle boil. Add your butter and let it melt. Then, add your weed. Keep the heat on low, and stir occasionally. Let this cook for a few hours. When it is done, the top will appear glossy. Strain the mixture into the Tupperware, using the cheesecloth and rubber band. Place in fridge. In a few hours, remove and separate the waste water on the bottom from the yummy butter on top.

How to Use

Use this just like you would any other butter or oil. You can put it on toast, muffins, bread, biscuits, or popcorn. Or, if a recipe calls for butter, just use your cannabis butter. Even if you don’t have a huge appetite, you can still find something to put a smidge of this butter on. When not in use, just leave it in the fridge, as you would any other butter. The great thing is that you can use this in savory or sweet recipes, and still get the same fine results as you would from regular butter.

Fun Ideas

Why not try making some special rice crispy treats? Or, you could bake a cake or the classic brownies with this substance. Cookies can be made, or lots of different breads. You can even try making stir-fry and using this instead of other oils to sauté in.

However, don’t think the fun ends at cannabis butter. There are plenty of other ways that you can use marijuana in recipes as well. From liqueurs to drinks like bhang, weed is always welcome in the kitchen. We bet that after trying this simple recipe, you will agree that this is most certainly the way to go.


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