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Vermont’s Marijuana Legalization Bill Would Allow Cannabis Lounges


Vermont’s Marijuana Legalization Bill Would Allow Cannabis Lounges

By CannabisNowMagazine.com

Vermont could become the first state in the nation to end marijuana prohibition by way of the state Legislature, giving way to a unique recreational cannabis market that not only allows the existence of retail sales but also creates a system that welcomes on-site cannabis consumption in a number of pot lounges throughout the state.

After spending the entire summer hashing out the details of a proposal aimed at breathing new life into the state’s nickname The Green Mountain, Senator Jeanette White, who chairs the Senate Government Operations Committee, recently announced that her team finally completed a draft of abill (Senate Bill 241) that she believes has the potential to bring legal weed to the state in 2016.
The 41-page document suggests the creation of a legal framework that would give residents 21 and over the ability to begin home cultivation in July 2016, while setting the state up to begin recreational sales a year later.

Essentially, the proposal mimics the controls of the state’s Liquor Control Board, which would allow weed to be sold throughout the state in a manner similar to beer under the supervision of a new agency, the Cannabis Control Board. This agency would be responsible for establishing regulations for six kinds of cannabis operations, including “cannabis cultivator; cannabis transporter; cannabis-infused product manufacturer; cannabis testing laboratory; cannabis retailer; and cannabis lounge.”

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