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Vast Majority Favor States’ Rights On Marijuana Laws


Vast Majority Favor States’ Rights On Marijuana Laws

By: Chris Conrad | theleafonline.com

Amid rumors of a pending crackdown on legalized marijuana by a bloated federal Drug War bureaucracy overseen by self-admitted drug warrior Attorney General Jeff Sessionsmost U.S. citizens want President Trump to honor his promise to legalize medical marijuana federally and let the states decide on non-medical adult use and regulations.

For more information, contact NORML Political Director Justin Strekal via norml.org.

By a margin of more than six to one, Americans say that individual states should be autonomous with regard to laws governing the use and sale of marijuana, according to survey data compiled by Survey USA and commissioned by the advocacy group Marijuana Majority.

Tipping point voter issue in 2018?

Seventy-six percent of respondents – including super-majorities of Republicans (72 percent), Independents (78 percent) and Democrats (80 percent) – agree that states should “be able to enact their own marijuana laws without interference from the federal government.” Only twelve percent responded that the federal government ought to impose anti-marijuana laws in jurisdictions that have regulated the plant’s production, sale, or use.

An April 2017 nationwide CBS poll similarly reported that 71 percent of Americans oppose efforts by the federal government to interfere in states that regulate marijuana use. Since young people favor democrats and are more likely to vote if cannabis legalization is an issue, the fact that the Democratic party favors a pathway to legalization could bring more voters to the Blue side of the ballot, forcing the Reds to rely on their standard voter suppression and jerrymandering tactics to keep control of the federal and state governments.

But will that work if the Democrats embrace legalization? The Russians don’t think so, in fact during the 2016 presidential campaign a fake news meme campaign originating in Moscow falsely claimed that Hillary Clinton intended to orchestrate a marijuana crackdown as one of the Kremlin’s efforts to keep young people from voting for Clinton, who nonetheless won 2.8 million more popular votes than did Trump.

Medical use only protected a few more months

While much has been made of language in the federal budget protecting medical marijuana in certain states, that protection is on shaky ground. Trump has failed to act on his campaign promise and the GOP leadership cares little about what the voters want, instead pursuing an agenda of consolidating absolute power.

Earlier this year, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions penned a letter to Congressional leadership opining that it was “unwise” for Congress to reauthorize the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment. That provision, reauthorized this spring, prohibits the Justice Department from prosecuting those who are compliant with the medical cannabis laws of their state.

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