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Utah Mom Risks it all to Treat Daughter with Cannabis


Utah Mom Risks it all to Treat Daughter with Cannabis

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The faithful call Utah Zion, but liberals call Utah’s mostly conservative laws “The Zion Curtain”. Sarah Ellett is a mother of three disabled children. Her daughter Remie suffers from panhypopituitarism, a thyroid disease that forces Remie to eat through a feeding tube. A tipoff led The Utah Division of Child and Family services to come knocking on Sarah Ellett’s door. Now, Ellet is doing everything she can to fight for the right to treat her daughter the best way possible.

“I’m not sure what to do,” Ellett told the Salt Lake Tribune. “One thing I want to do is continue treating Remie, and if I stay in Utah, I can’t keep treating her… I can’t take that chance because they will take her.”

Ellet is a single mother who lives in Nephi, Utah, a predominantly Mormon city in Central Utah. She had been traveling to Portland, Oregon, to obtain a medical cannabis card as Oregon allows out-of-state patients to participate in the state’s cannabis program. For seven months, Sarah administered small drops of cannabis oil with a toothpick under Remie’s tongue. Remie has since begun walking, swimming and showing other areas of improvement.

“She started jumping on the trampoline,” Ellett explained. “She just started being able to make movements. Instead of sitting there being the observer she started being a participant in the family.”

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