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Two Medical Marijuana Bills Go Forward In Utah


Two Medical Marijuana Bills Go Forward In Utah

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For the past six months, Dallas Sainsbury has treated her Crohn’s disease with a cocktail of opiates, steroids, muscle relaxers and other medications that made her hazy and sick to her stomach, alongside numerous other side effects.

Then, while attending a concert with friends in Colorado, she tried marijuana and it eased her nausea, anxiety and the urgent need to use the bathroom. It also helped her get off the opioids that left her “high every day,” led to her quitting school and made it impossible for her to work.

On Thursday, she urged senators to support a bill that would make Utah the 24th state to legalize medicinal marijuana.

“I know this can help so many people and this can prevent [opiate]addiction,” she told a Senate committee. “I desperately hope that myself and others have access to this because I don’t want to see myself or anyone else have to deal with opiate-addiction withdrawals,” she told senators.

During four hours of testimony before two Senate committees Thursday, witnesses laid out a clear choice between two bills — one pitched as a modest first step, legalizing cannabis extracts without THC that have been shown to help in some cases; the other a bolder “whole-plant” option that would allow products with THC that several witnesses said are essential to their treatment.

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