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Top Cannabis Tech Companies


Top Cannabis Tech Companies


In this day and age, convenience means more than just getting a meal delivered by sending an emoji via text, summoning a complete stranger to be your personal chauffeur without even speaking to them first or being able to adjust the delicately sensitive temperature of a smart vape from an app. In these times, convenience means having all the information needed in the palm of your hand and the emergence of new apps are helping to build the cannatech connection by providing the community with the type of convenient, always-available technology other industries have been enjoying for some time. Check out these companies and how they’re helping the cannabis industry catch up with the rest of the technological cosmos.

Denver CEO Kyle Sherman was inspired to create this seed-to-sale software after experiencing problems with other cannabis management systems that left him frustrated and looking for more efficient technology. The app allows users to manage their crops with a live activity log and track trimmers progress for starters, with information available at the press of a button. There’s also a scanning device called the NUG that allows users to scan plants and view vital stats even if the Wi-Fi goes down.

With offices in Denver and Washington, this management company has designed state-of-the-art software to keep businesses safe and compliant with state regulations. But it’s more than just tracking inventory and sales.

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