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Thousands of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Applications Possibly Leaked in Nevada


Thousands of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Applications Possibly Leaked in Nevada

By Patrick Walker | lasvegasnow.com

The state of Nevada’s government website has potentially exposed the personal data on over 11,700 applicants for dispensing medical marijuana in the state.

CBS News says each application, eight pages in length, includes the person’s full name, home address, citizenship, and even their weight and height, race, and eye and hair color. The applications also include the applicant’s citizenship, their driving license number (where applicable), and social security number.

A Google search done by a man in Dallas led to the discovery of the problem.  Justin Shafer said he discovered the breach Tuesday night while he was looking to see if any government websites had errantly posted social security numbers online.  Shafer said he noticed one of the completed applications pop up in the search results with a social security number in plain view.

“I skimmed it looking for anyone’s actual social in the Google result because if you see that, that’s a good indication something’s public where that person wouldn’t want it to be public,” Shafer said.

“Information including names, addresses, phone numbers and driver’s license numbers are also listed on the exposed applications.

Many of the people affected are employed by members of the Nevada Dispensary Association.

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