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The Fight to Reclassify Cannabis


The Fight to Reclassify Cannabis

By MarijuanaStocks.com

For years, citizens have had this negative connotation of marijuana as the first step to a destructive life. This all started with the classification of cannabis as a Schedule I substance, which is a list of the most dangerous drugs, along with heroin. Despite this, studies have suggested that marijuana is not as dangerous as heroin or cocaine, a Schedule II drug. Actually, it is innocuous when compared to tobacco, two legal substances.

Now, the question is why is marijuana still considered a Schedule I substance. On August 14, 1970, Dr. Roger O. Egeberg, the Assistant Secretary of Health, wrote a letter which was sent to Congress regarding the classification of cannabis in the Controlled Substance Act.

Here is what the letter read: “Since there is still a considerable void in our knowledge of the plant and effects of the active drug contained in it, our recommendation is that marijuana is retained within Schedule I, at least until the completion of certain studies now underway to resolve the issue.”

Consequently, the destiny of marijuana was set in stone. Out of fear of what the people did not know, along with a lack of research, the use of marijuana was prohibited. However, this may not be the case today.

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