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The Best Marijuana Bacon Recipe


The Best Marijuana Bacon Recipe

Shared by: Water Melon

Watermelon Girl has this awesome way of making thick sliced Medicated Marijuana Bacon. This Marijuana Bacon Recipe is one of the easiest ways to medicate with Medicinal Marijuana. You can enjoy this marijuana recipe how Watermelon has prepared it, or you can toss the fruit and fry some hashbrowns and eggs instead! It’s the most important meal of the day so have a medicated breafast with Medicinal Marijuana Bacon!
Marijuana Bacon


You will need 12 strips of medium-thick sliced Canadian (or whatever) bacon.

1 tbsp of super fine and sifted medicinal shake flour in saltshaker.

1 cup diced Cantaloupe or you can use Honeydew Melon, Apples, Pineapple, Mango, etc.

Toothpicks for pinning the marijuana bacon to the fruit


1. First things first pre-heat oven to 200F

2. Place the 12 bacon strips well spaced apart on a clean cookie sheet

3. With your saltshaker in hand, sprinkle desired amount of medicinal shake flour over each strip of bacon, dont go too heavy as you will be dusting the other side.

4. Once bacon is dusted with the medicinal shake flour on one side, place in the oven and cook until bacon just starts to crisp up on top, be careful not to over cook, or bacon will be too crispy to wrap around fruit.

5. As soon as the bacon looks like it is starting to crisp, pull the cookie sheet out of the over and flip the marijuana bacon over and lightly dust the other side with the medicinal shake flour.

6. You can then place the Marijuana Bacon back in oven until the desired crispness is accomplished.

7. Lightly degrease the bacon with paper towel (*optional, dont degrease too much as the fats from the bacon contain all the medicinal ingredients)

8. Wrap each piece of Marijuana Bacon around a cantaloupe cube and secure it with the toothpicks.

9. Place Medicinal Cannabis Bacon in the fridge until you are ready to serve!


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