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Strain of the Week – Afgoo


Afgoo Marijuana strain

Afgoo is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between an Afgan mother and a Maui Haze male parent. The buds are a dark green in color, but at first glance they seem lighter because of the rich amount of crystals covering the surface. The scent is rich and piney and slightly sweet. The taste is pine with a subtle strawberry effect in the background.


Afgoo is strong medicine with the physical body effects common with indica plants. The smoke can be harsh, causing quite a bit of coughing. This medicine kicks in quickly and stays for quite a while. You may experience couch lock, sleepiness, a heaviness in the limbs and a definite hunger for snacks.

Medical Marijuana Uses

Because of the relaxing body qualities, Afgoo is excellent medicine for stomach pain, nerve pain from fibromyalgia, muscle strains and nausea. It is ideal for insomnia patients, and has a satisfying effect on anxiety. Any illness or injury related to tense or painful body parts would respond favorably to this medicine.

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