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$RMHB Acquire Upstate New York Facility as a Bottling Plant


$RMHB Acquire Upstate New York Facility as a Bottling Plant

By MarijuanaStocks.com

 Rocky Mountain High Brands to Acquire Upstate New York Facility as a Bottling Plant, Canning Plant and a Natural Spring Source.

Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. (RMHB), a fully reporting consumer goods company specializing in hemp-infused food and beverage products and a naturally high alkaline water announced today that it has entered into an agreement with L and H Resort Systems to acquire a former Catskill Mountain resort facility located on a natural spring. The Company plans to repurpose the resort into a Bottling and Canning Plant for Rocky Mountain High Brands.

Once referred to as America’s First Wilderness area by scholars that traced the start of the environmental conservation movement to this area, the Catskill Mountains have long been famous for the majestic mountain ranges to the pristine lake waters. The former Friar Tuck Inn is located in Greene County just a few miles away from Kaaterskill Falls, the highest waterfalls in New York.

Michael Welch, President and Chief Executive Officer of Rocky Mountain High Brands, said, “The demographics of this part of upper state New York have changed over the past few years.  What was once in demand as a resort area, now is part of a region in need of more employment opportunities.  Repurposing the Resort to a bottling plant and canning plant will provide jobs to the area and will provide our Company with an important bottling and canning center in the Northeast.

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