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Public Use Of Marijuana To Be Debated During Nevada Legislature Session


Public Use Of Marijuana To Be Debated During Nevada Legislature Session


Marijuana is legal to possess in Nevada, but using it anywhere but inside of a private residence is a big no-no.

That is something the state’s most weed-friendly lawmaker wants to change.

“If we’re going to bring people here for marijuana tourism, they need a place to use it,” State Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, said. “We don’t want them walking up and down the Strip smoking. Let’s give them some place to go.”

Segerblom intends to introduce a bill this session, which begins Feb. 6, that would give governments at the city and county levels the authority to issue public marijuana-use permits for just about every possibility. Big events like the Electric Daisy Carnival, bars, hookah lounges or even designated pot-friendly streets or sidewalks would all be fair game if Segerblom’s bill were to pass.

 But some in local government worry pushing for public usage a few months after legalizing recreational marijuana is simply too much, too soon.

“Having it in a public square when we just passed it, I have very serious reservations,” said Clark County Commissioner Mary Beth Scow.

Scow, who did not support the legal pot ballot measure, said she’d prefer to wait and see how social marijuana experiments go in other states before rushing into it in Southern Nevada.

In November, Denver voters approved a measure similar to Segerblom’s bill. That measure creates a four-year pilot program that allows most types of businesses, including cafes and yoga studios, to apply for a public-use license. It is expected to go into effect sometime this summer.

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