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Juicy Fruit


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Product Description

JJuice Juicy Fruit blend is inspired by the feeling of biting into a delightfully refreshing stick of childhood memories. A truly unique interpretation of the Juicy Fruit experience, combining our all-natural ingredients and minimalist approach to give you the best vape possible. We use only the highest quality natural ingredients; meaning we don’t skimp on the PG, VG, or Nicotine. Yes, it costs a little more to make each bottle of JJuice, but we feel that the quality of juice is what makes the difference in your vape experience. We never dilute our blends by adding extraneous oils or distilled water like some other juice manufacturers. This is our passion, the same way the best local restaurants only use the best ingredients to make the best food, we go to great lengths to provide the best blends to give you the vape experience you deserve.

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