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People are calling it the “Green Rush” in Nevada


LAS VEGAS (KSNV & MyNews3) — People are calling it the “Green Rush” in Nevada.

Clark County, a magnet for entrepreneurs, is looking into funding potential cannabis startups.

The county is still sorting through stacks of applications from those who want to grow or sell medical marijuana.

News 3’s Kelsey Thomas joins us live from the Clark County Government Center.

We’re waiting to get a list of those who have applied to open dispensaries.

The county is still going through hundreds of pages of applicants. There were 206 applications filed, with potentially hundreds of business partners.

How does someone stand out from the crowd?

“I just love the industry. I love helping real patients,” said self-described multimillionaire Shy Sadis who is looking to make a profit on legalized marijuana in Nevada. “Everybody is talking about the ‘green rush.’”

Sadis was one of the first dispensary owners in Seattle, Wash. He owns the Joint Cooperative, a group of five dispensaries in Washington.

“Just one of my stores in Seattle has over 12,000 patients,” Sadis said. “We have anything and everything you could even imagine, from soda pop, to jolly ranchers to cookies, brownies, flour…”

Sadis’ next goal is to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Clark County.  His strategy is to join with a local partner who operates smoke shops.

 “I’m bringing all the experience and she’s bringing the locations,” Sadis said.

State Senator Tick Segerbloom, who sponsored the bill on medical marijuana, says the situation is ideal for someone who pays taxes in Nevada and teams up with an experienced medical marijuana entrepreneur.

“We’re hoping to have the best of both worlds, bringing the highest quality of businesses from out of state, but have them partner with local business people,” Segerbloom said.


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