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Peace Naturals Project Has Received Guidance From Health Canada for Production and Sale of Medical Cannabis Oils


Peace Naturals Project Has Received Guidance From Health Canada for Production and Sale of Medical Cannabis Oils

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STAYNER, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – July 8, 2015) – Peace Naturals Project Inc., the first newly Licenced Producer of medical Cannabis under Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, received word today from Health Canada that the production and sale of medical Cannabis Oils will soon be allowed under the MMPR, following the Supreme Court of Canada ruling from June, 2015.

In June of 2015 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that medical Cannabis users have the right to consume Cannabis in forms other than dried flowers.

In an announcement made today by Health Canada, the Federal Government has provided guidance for Licenced Producers to start the process for approval to produce and sell Cannabis Oils to validated clients. Until this announcement, Licenced Producers were only permitted to produce and provide Cannabis in the form of dried flowers.

What does this mean for Peace Naturals as a Licenced Producer? Peace Naturals has been actively engaged in the discussion of Cannabis extracts for the past 12 months with program regulators and leading providers of Cannabis extracts and extraction technology, anticipating a change for Canadians in need of alternative consumption methods. Peace Naturals has established a method for producing safe and quality driven medical Cannabis extracts with exclusive technology that the company has licensed from top-tier global industry peers.

With the announcement from Health Canada today, a new application process has been outlined to allow Licenced Producers to demonstrate the safe production and sale of Cannabis Oils. Upon submission of this application, Peace Naturals will be in the first cohort of Licenced Producers to request a regulatory inspection and approval of the company’s production methods. Peace Naturals is committed to ensuring that their clients are of the first to be able to benefit from this new ruling.

“The announcement made today and the guidance provided to Peace Naturals is a great leap forward for the MMPR industry in Canada,” says Mark Gobuty, CEO & Founder of Peace Naturals Project Inc. “Health Canada’s approach to overseeing the safety and efficacy of Cannabis Oil production and sale is the best approach. The implementation of a quality driven process for the production of this medicine format, we hope, will start to bring down the barriers that health care practitioners face knowing that their patients can consume their medicine in a method that does not involve smoking.”


The Peace Naturals Project Inc. was the first new federally licensed commercial medical Cannabis producer to be granted a license by Health Canada to produce and distribute medical Cannabis in Canada under the new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). The Peace Naturals Project offers a range of conventional and organic whole Cannabis flower solutions with strong dedication and commitment to Client Care, quality and harm reduction. The Peace Naturals Project is on a mission to set new standards for viable, credible medical Cannabis production and distribution as they strive to raise the bar for the entire industry, both in Canada and abroad. Visit www.peacenaturals.com.

For media inquiries:
Peace Naturals Project Inc.
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Source: Marketwired (July 8, 2015 – 2:04 PM EDT)

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  • Wizard6x9

    So.. a Canadian, fought the government, won, and the real winners are big business because our government is still trying to criminalize patients because of their insistence on growing their own medication. This must be the Harper Way

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