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Objects of Desire: Decoupling Women and Weed


Objects of Desire: Decoupling Women and Weed

By Maggie Kerr | CannabisNowMagazine

In the tradition of James Dean suggestively puffing a cigarette, the juxtaposition of slender white joints alongside feminine fingertips is rapidly becoming the latest sexualized American smoking. But within the burgeoning establishment of a supposedly medicinal industry, the pairing of sexualized female images with the cannabis plant has taken the industry down a path laced with wrongheaded sexism. This approach is as irresponsible as the overwhelming stereotype that most card carriers are freewheeling pleasure seekers.

Sex is used as a sales technique for many products, but it should be noted that the medical marijuana industry is different than other commercial enterprises; marketing of medical marijuana should focus on the attributes of health instead of profit. Portrayals of scantily clad women may be appropriate for Viagra, but not for life-saving drugs. Cannabis is legally viewed as a recreational substance in some states and in that situation, utilizing a female to encourage sales can seem both humorous and harmless. But, suggesting a complementary pairing of women and weed is, when considering the medical and scientific uses of the cannabis plant, actually unsavory in its irrelevance.

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