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Nevada Officially Legalizes Medical Marijuana Sales


by Monterey Bud

While it may take more than a year before the Silver State is dotted with medical marijuana dispensaries, grow shops, and assorted ancillary businesses – today, Nevada’s new medical marijuana statutes officially go into effect.

Unfortunately, according to online reports, Nevada’s Green Rush of marijuana-based businesses may take a while to germinate.

“The ability to buy or grow medical marijuana to smoke or eat with a doctor’s prescription in Washoe County is still about 10 months away, said representatives of local governments.”

After initially passing their medical marijuana initiative back in 2000, today’s announcement is nothing short of historic. Allowing safe access to medical marijuana for the patients who need it, this new legal tax source will be a moneymaker for all who participate – creating new jobs, new revenue and a whole new industry for the state of Nevada.

“Now everyone can go forward (with their specific plans),” said state Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas. “Before, we were all talking about what to do… but it wasn’t yet legal,” Segerblom said. “But as of (Tuesday), it will now be legal to have marijuana dispensaries, marijuana grow houses and marijuana cooking facilities for edibles in the state of Nevada.”

Gearing up for the Green Rush, the State of Nevada is currently accepting job applications and will be interviewing candidates for 12 state positions, in addition to hiring 15 part-time staffers. Once the proper support staff is been hired, Nevada will issue a 45 day notice to all potential applicants interested in either growing or selling medical marijuana.The state will only accept applications during this two week period.

These new state employees will be the key to getting the application process moving, said Marla McDade-Williams, deputy administrator of the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.

“We need our permanent people on staff,” McDade-Williams said. “We’ve got the (application) forms mostly developed but we have to get them finalized. We have to train our permanent staff so they can then train the temporary staff. So really the permanent staff is the key before we will be ready to go.”

Like Dr. Gupta, Nevada politicians are doubling down on medical marijuana and gearing up for their newest state sanctioned industry – which expects more than 400 applications to be filed. As pot enthusiasts wanting to get in the business of growing, cooking or selling medical marijuana, queue up for a historic opportunity. The state stands ready to collect a tidy 2 percent tax on the wholesale and retail sales of marijuana.


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