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Multiparty Letter from Senators Demand Answers to Pot Legalization from Obama


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Multiparty Letter from Senators Demand Answers to Pot Legalization from Obama

A couple of the most viscous advocates for the war on drugs upped the ante this week in the form of a multiparty letter sent to Secretary of State John Kerry and Attorney General Eric Holder. The letter argued that United States is not in control of the War on Drugs anymore because it has allowed marijuana to be legalized in four states and in the nations capital.

It’s an issue that has bonded Republican Senator Chuck Grassley and Democrat Dianne Feinstein. Both senators agree that legal cannabis in American is a crystal clear violation of international drug treaties. Their agreement is what gave the senators the idea to demand some clarification on the part of the Obama Administration as to how they can justify such a “flagrant disregard for global drug laws.”

“The Administration should account for remarks and policies that send a message of tolerance for illegal drugs,” Grassley said in a statement.

The dangerous duo wants clarification from the Obama administration as to how legalization of a controlled substance has been allowed to happen by individual states, considering the United Nations Conventions on Narcotic Drugs outlawed it decades ago. The senator’s letter discussed their fear of that if individual states are allowed to continue legalizing marijuana, it could put the United States at risk of losing the respect they have gained as a leader of international drug laws. International drug laws specify that cannabis can only be used for the purpose of medical and scientific reasons.

The letter the senators addressed to John Kerry made very clear their issue with comments made recently by Assistant Secretary of State William Brownfield, in which he suggested that there should be a level of “flexible interpretation” in regards to international drug treaties. The senators disagree with his attitude and think it has the potential to “weaken the United States’ standing as an international leader on drug control issues,” while also creating “a harmful precedent that would allow state parties to implement policies that legalize other, even more harmful drugs, without recourse.”

The letter sent to the U.S. Department of Justice makes the point that by giving states the green light to implement legal cannabis industry “has put the United States in the difficult position of defending its compliance with the treaties.”

The letter sent to John Kerry also brings up a request to be provided with detailed statistics on the impact of legal marijuana in Colorado and Washington.

Marijuana advocates are looking forward to the idea of the federal government being forced to provide data on states pot legalization, as they believe it will shed a positive image on the decrease in crime related to the industry. “Yeah, we’d like to see that data all compiled in a nice neat package,” Tom Angell, founder of the Marijuana Majority. Advocates feel pretty good that a report would show that massive revenue the industry is producing and how that it is causing a crippling effect to the black market.

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