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$MNZO solidifies deal with USA based manufacturers


$MNZO solidifies deal with USA based manufacturers

By MarijuanaStocks.com

Manzo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MNZO), today announced that it has solidified deals with GMP and FDA approved, USA based firms to handle manufacturing, and encapsulating and packaging the company’s Lacto-Freedom™ probiotic.

The much-anticipated, and revolutionary product has performed far better than expected in recent studies. These studies had lactose intolerant subjects take the probiotic and then consume dairy products, something that would ordinarily cause them great discomfort. However, an overwhelming majority of the subjects taking Lacto-Freedom™ were able to freely consume all the dairy products they wanted with very little or no symptoms at all even months after taking it. This effect lasted as long as sixty days for most subjects, and even longer in others. At least one subject called the product “life-changing”, and at least one subject claimed that his lactose intolerance symptoms never returned to the same degree as before he took the product.

In regards to the current strategy, company CEO, Kenneth Manzo stated, “We definitely plan to do more in-depth studies with much larger groups of subjects down the road, but with results like the ones have seen, we simply do not want to wait to get the product to the people that need it. As a licensed Pharmacist, I have been dealing with people who suffer from lactose intolerance for many years and it can be absolutely debilitating. Lacto-Freedom™ has the potential to offer life-changing relief to these people and that is something I do not want to hold back any longer.”

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