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Mexican Supreme Court Rules Pot Prohibition Unconstitutional


Mexican Supreme Court Rules Pot Prohibition Unconstitutional


Mexico’s Supreme Court handed down a ruling on Wednesday that could eventually change the way the country manages its laws against cannabis.

In a vote of 4-to-1, the country’s highest court said that it is an infringement of basic human rights to prohibit the use the cannabis plant. Unfortunately, the verdict does not give way to automatic legalization throughout the country, but it does provide a significant argument for lawmakers when introducing legislation in the future aimed at widespread reform.

The ruling on this issue comes after four plaintiffs filed a lawsuit in 2013 arguing that it was unlawful for them to be prohibited from the possession, use and cultivation of the cannabis plant. A case was made, which suggested that imposing laws that hinder “the right to the free development of one’s personality” goes against the grain of the Mexican constitution. The entire argument, which endured a rigorous appeals process before landing in the Supreme Court this year, was based on the simple notion that Mexico was wrong to ban anyone from growing and smoking weed as long as those actions did not bring harm to others. The Supreme Court agreed.

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