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Marijuana Vs Pesticides; A Drug Test for the Drug Itself


Marijuana Vs Pesticides; A Drug Test for the Drug Itself

By: MarijuanaStocks.com

Recent findings by a laboratory in Berkeley stated that 84 percent of medical cannabis samples tested positive for pesticides. Steep Hill, a Northern California-based marijuana testing lab, says their findings were much higher than expected and “are cause for concern for California cannabis consumers.”

“Those in the cannabis community who feel that all cannabis is safe are not correct given this data – smoking a joint of pesticide-contaminated cannabis could potentially expose the body to lethal chemicals,” says Michaele Keller, president and CEO of Steep Hill. “As a community, we need to address this issue immediately and not wait until 2018.”

The state of California is not sure how to handle issues related to pesticides in relation to the flourishing cannabis market; meanwhile, in recent years, many growers throughout the state have decided not to use pesticides.

Steep Hill researchers discovered chemical residue belonging to my clobutanil, a key ingredient in pesticide Eagle 20, in greater than 65 percent of samples tested during a 30-day period. Eagle 20 is common amongst growers because of its effectiveness against powdery mildew and other pests. However; when it is set on fire, my clobutanil turns into hydrogen cyanide or prussic acid, a colorless and highly poisonous compound that can be deadly in high dosages. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hydrogen cyanide affects organs with the highest sensitivity to low oxygen levels such as the brain, cardiovascular system and lungs. It has “a distinctive bitter almond odor” but most people cannot detect it.

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