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Marijuana Rescheduling Announcement Could Be a Huge Let Down


Marijuana Rescheduling Announcement Could Be a Huge Let Down

By  | CannabisNowMagazine

Some of the biggest news circulating around the marijuana community over the past week is word that U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration plans to offer a decision sometime before August as to whether the agency will downgrade the Schedule I classification of the cannabis plant.

A 25-page memo sent out last week to members of Congress in response to a 2015 letter urging the federal government to unleash some of the restrictions that prevent medical marijuana research, indicates that Uncle Sam’s leading drug henchmen hope “to make a decision on whether to reschedule marijuana before the end of summer 2016.” Of course, the moment Matt Ferner of The Huffington Post published his initial report it spawned a legion of misleading press coverage that seems to have conned a significant number of pot advocates across the nation into thinking that a marijuana reschedule is inevitable.

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