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Marijuana Questions for 2016 Presidential Candidates


Marijuana Questions for 2016 Presidential Candidates

By  | Marijuanapolitics.com

I’m a political junkie and have watched all of the Republican and Democratic presidential debates so far. If I were one of the moderators, these are the marijuana questions I’d ask the candidates for president:


Senator Sanders, you’ve called not for rescheduling, butdescheduling of marijuana. Would that mean moving federal regulation of marijuana to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives, or no federal regulation of marijuana whatsoever, ceding it all to the states?

Secretary Clinton, you’ve often said that you’re generally in support of medical marijuana, but that the issue needs more research. With over 28,000 studies currently in PubMed regarding cannabis, how much more research will it take for you to form a stronger opinion?

 Governor O’Malley, you were the mayor of Baltimore, a city with drug dealing so rampant that two popular television shows chronicled it. But that drug dealing also is often the only working economy in many urban areas. Do you think legalizing drugs would reduce urban violence and how would you do it to ensure these urban areas and their people get to participate in that new legal economy?


Mr. Trump, should a pot smoker in a state that’s legalized marijuana have full and unconditional Second Amendment rights?

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