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Lori Ajax Speaks to Female Industry Leaders About Cannabis


Lori Ajax Speaks to Female Industry Leaders About Cannabis

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Female cannabis business owners gather to hear updates from the chief of the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation.

Female leaders from the cannabis industry gathered in Oakland last month to hear Lori Ajax speak about the upcoming regulatory changes for California. Ajax, chief of the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation, discussed the shifting regulatory landscape in California, what to expect from the ongoing process and where to go for updates and information. The event, called W Empower, was held at the Gateway Incubator, and hosted by HelloMDSava and Garden Society. During the event Ajax was joined by a panel of experts, Julie Mercer-Ingram from Beck Law, Tawnie Logan of Sonoma County Growers Allianceand Ellen Komp, deputy director of California NORML.

Ajax’s overall message was hopeful that regulators could come together with the cannabis community to create a functional regulatory system. However, she also acknowledged the unique complexities of regulating cannabis.

“In the first few weeks I realized that this was unlike any product I had ever seen,” Ajax said. “It means so many things to so many different people.”

Throughout the meeting, Ajax focused on how crucial it is for members of the cannabis community to make their voices heard in the regulatory process, encouraging the women in the room to submit their comments to the bureau for review.

“You’re going to look at something and go ‘God that’s stupid! Why would somebody do that?’” Ajax said. “You’re not going to hurt our feelings. We need you to tell us why that’s not going to work and we need you to tell us how to do it differently… The last thing we should be doing as a state right now is making regulations that are so onerous no one can comply.”

Ajax opened the night by admitting her nervousness to speak in front of the group.

“Speaking in front of women is a lot harder than anything,” she said laughing. “It’s an intimidating group here, because you’ll call me out on anything I say.”

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Keynote speaker: Lori Ajax
Panelists: Julie Mercer-Ingram, Beck Law
Townie Logan, Sonoma County Grower’s Alliance
Ellen Komp, CA NORML

Sponsors of the event: HelloMD, Sava, Garden Society and hosted by Gateway Incubator

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