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“IV Report” Season 1 Episode 4 “Champs Las Vegas Edition”


In this episode of the iV Report, iV interviews the incredible artist Dane Holmquist at Champs Las Vegas.
The iV report is a weekly fun and informative take on all things cannabis. Covering everything from recreational/medical legislation and travel to cooking tips and live events. We’ll have interviews with some of the top chefs, celebrities, political figures and other innovators in our budding industry. We’ll take a look at cutting edge technology and even product reviews where your opinion matters!
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The iV Report Season 1 EP.4

At the iV Report your opinion matters!

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About Author

iv is an experienced television personality and has been an advocate for the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis for decades.

  • Matthew MadMax Bennett

    nice to see you back Inari

  • MaddMaxx Matt

    another informative episode. that guy was really well informed. great interview!

  • MaddMaxx Matt

    great job, inari! i think your show will be a hit. you’re very well spoken and professional. i enjoyed your first episode a lot and am looking forward to episode 2. keep up the great work!

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