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International Drug Treaties Questioned as Cannabis Considers Going Global


International Drug Treaties Questioned as Cannabis Considers Going Global

By MarijuanaStocks.com

In a video chat on Wednesday evening, legislators and policy advocates from Canada and Mexico talked about their interest in cannabis legalization and spoke about the up and coming to United Nations General Assembly Special Session on drugs to possibly help with approach change on such substances. Both Canada and Mexico have as of late made progress to legalize cannabis, possibly abusing global drug control. In any case, advocates for cannabis legalization are pushing forward and pulling no punches as they put forth the defense for regulation, and this video chat was no special case.

Calling in from Canada, Liberal Parliament Member Nathaniel Erskine-Smith squandered no time contending against prohibition. “I want to start with a simple and broad proposition… the War on Drugs is a failure,” he said, adding that “[prohibition]causes more harm” than the issues it indicates to tackle. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal party crusaded on the guarantee of authorizing cannabis before winning the decision in November, however executing that change hasn’t been as basic as supporting for it.

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